Transform your business with the power of technology, strategy and a total tax approach

An integrated, total tax approach as dynamic as your organization 

Organizations today are tasked with navigating an increasingly complex tax landscape in a constantly transforming global environment. In a world where every business decision has a tax implication, an effective tax department sits at the nexus of external tax forces and internal business strategy. When the tax function operates effectively, there is a significant impact on the bottom line, improved risk mitigation and accelerated business transformation and growth.

Tax optimization should be factored into every business initiative, as well as day-to-day operations. The problem? Very few complex organizations have visibility into their total tax posture. 

BDO’s strategic tax advisors approach every client with a total tax mindset – helping businesses and organizations assess the tax implications of business decisions to understand their total tax footprint. 

We address compliance and identify planning opportunities across international, federal, state and local jurisdictions to create a total tax strategy. While the long-term goal is a comprehensive, integrated tax posture, it is accomplished through realistic short-term objectives and actionable insights. 

Enhanced communication. Greater transparency. Innovative approach.

Businesses today must make educated decisions quickly to adapt to changing marketplace conditions. Failure to consider tax in planning could result in unintended, adverse tax impacts or missed savings. To unlock a total tax mindset, you need the bigger picture without losing sight of all the details. Through a combination of technology, process optimization and strategic guidance, we empower you to spend less time on routine compliance and reporting tasks and more on activities that create added value. Request a consultation chevron_right

Total Tax Approach

Organizations across the country and around the world are navigating an increasingly complex tax landscape while also adapting to digital disruption.

By working with BDO to evaluate all the tax dynamics of business decisions, our clients benefit from:

  • Tax Efficiency - A comprehensive view of tax helps you optimize business outcomes and lower overall costs. 
  • Collaboration - Break down the silos within your tax department and beyond for better insights and decision-making. 
  • Tax Transparency - Answer the call for more transparency by reporting on your Total Tax Contribution.

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