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For most organizations, state and local taxes represent the majority of their overall tax burden. 

With over 10,000 state and local tax jurisdictions across the U.S., companies may not even realize the extent of their tax exposure—or the liabilities they may have already incurred. When these jurisdictions seek to fill revenue gaps, you need to be prepared.  

BDO advises clients on all state and local tax-related issues, from new regulations and audits to economic nexus to tax credits and incentives and beyond. Our partner-led SALT team, which includes former industry professionals and auditors from state tax departments, is experienced in tax statutes and policy in every state and virtually every locality. We help ensure you’re taking advantage of all tax savings, refunds and credits available to you. 

Our Total Tax Approach combines tax knowledge, strategy and technology. We embrace technology like sales tax automation to transform your tax function and help reduce your overall liability. 

How BDO Can Help


  • Nexus studies and voluntary disclosures 
  • Diagnostic assessments and return reviews 
  • Restructuring and minimization techniques 
  • Compliance and audit defense

  • Reverse audits  
  • Nexus studies and voluntary disclosures 
  • Product and service taxability review 
  • Policy and procedure review 
  • ASC 450 analysis

  • Compliance reporting automation and outsourcing 
  • Exemption certificate management solutions 
  • Large-volume data mining, extraction and analysis 
  • Software selection and implementation 
  • Custom solution development

  • Assessment appeals and monitoring 
  • Audit defense 
  • Data acquisition and analysis 
  • Management reporting 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Tax payment and reporting

  • Capture of state tax credits and tax credit refund reviews 
  • Negotiation of incentive packages 
  • Economic impact analysis 
  • Location analysis 
  • Compliance process and systems implementation 
  • Public-private partnerships

  • Feasibility study and risk assessments 
  • Policy and procedure implementation 
  • Refund reviews 
  • Compliance outsourcing and education 
  • Remediation reviews and voluntary disclosure agreements 
  • Audit defense  

  • Cash refund recovery opportunities 
  • Audit defense assistance 
  • Compliance assistance 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Process review and technology automation

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