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Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) play a critical role in the communities they serve. In doing so, PHAs must navigate the ongoing obligations of shifting government and HUD regulations, evolving GAAP and GASB standards, and consistently comply with unique reporting requirements.

BDO can help navigate these challenges, plus assist in improving operating and HAP subsidies to fully utilize resources supporting key strategies. We’ll also enhance internal controls to help improve analysis, reporting and operational efficiency. And we’ll ensure reporting meets the highest standards for state and local governments and identify any issues before they become audit findings.

Enjoy the benefits of experience and leadership when teaming up with BDO. We have served over 400 PHAs and affordable housing providers and are a premier provider of industry education to PHA staff, executives and HUD employees.

Our menu of PHA services includes financial assessments, fee accounting, year-end close, budgeting and subsidy maximization, asset management strategy, property performance and RAD consulting.

BDO’s PHA practitioners also deliver valuable knowledge and actionable insight to PHA leaders and employees through webinars, national seminars, regional training sessions and customized workshops.

How BDO Can Help


  • Compliance with HUD, GAAP & GASB regulations 
  • Maximization of subsidy 
  • Organizational structure 
  • Internal control and accounting functions 
  • Competency of accounting staff 
  • The current budget process 
  • Implementation of project-based accounting 
  • Reporting accuracy and timeliness 

  • Budgeting and year-end reporting to HUD/REAC
  • Work papers for independent auditors
  • Financial statements in the format that you and your board require
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • Recording receipts and disbursements
  • Maintenance of a general ledger of all authority activity
  • Financial reports, custom tailored to your needs
  • Submission of the FDS and scoring of your financial and management ratios
  • Preparation of a “simple” cash flow
  • Preparation and submission of monthly 52681-B form (VMS) to REAC
  • Monthly phone call to discuss financial reports and any areas of concern that come to our attention

  • Provide audit-ready work papers 
  • Prepare and submit your HUD-required Financial Data Schedule (FDS) to obtain the highest possible scores for your FASS and MASS reporting 
  • Submit the FDS to HUD’s REAC in the required time frame 
  • Deliver an analysis of your operating reserves 
  • Provide a report of observations and recommendations to ensure HUD compliance, if requested 
  • Determine best business practices for your housing authority

  • Calculation of operating subsidy 
  • Estimates of HCV administrative fee revenue 
  • Development of public housing budgets (AMP & COCC budgets) 
  • Development of a consolidated, multi-program budget (LIPH, HCV, CFP, other grants and program revenues, etc.) 
  • Trend analysis, forecasting, common size analysis 
  • Analysis of projected Operating Reserves 
  • Asset management strategy

  • PHAS assistance and appeals 
  • Organizational assessments 
  • Property performance enhancement 
  • Development of management and operational reports 
  • Property management staff training 
  • Compliance with HUD asset management requirements 
  • Fee for service / staff allocation assistance 
  • Corrective action plans for non-performing properties 
  • Long term asset management strategies and portfolio analysis 
  • Maintenance team utilization analysis 
  • Forecasting fee revenue to the Central Office Cost Center after a full or partial RAD conversion 
  • Analyzing existing debt for re-leveraging options 
  • General ledger accounting assistance with technical implementation 
  • RAD budget/pro forma preparation 
  • Analysis of first year through third year actual subsidy streams 
  • Financial Data Schedule preparation best practices 
  • Post-RAD staffing recommendations


We are also the premier provider of industry-wide education to PHA staff and executives, HUD employees, as well as other advisors and consultants. Our leaders share their knowledge and insights through timely alerts and publications, national seminars, regional training sessions, customized on-site workshops, and webinars.

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