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Building nonprofit resilience

Nonprofits help sustain our communities.  

To continue their critical work, nonprofits need to navigate challenges of their own: Budgetary constraints, complex federal funding, compliance, technology, donor stewardship and evolving constituent needs are only some of the hurdles they face. 

Each nonprofit’s mission is unique, and so are the ways they overcome obstacles and seek opportunities. Many of our more than 2,500 professionals serving nonprofit and education organizations are former nonprofit leaders themselves, bringing a specialized focus to the distinct concerns of the sector. We tailor approaches to help organizations maintain a nonprofit heart and business mindset, so they can improve financial and operational health while expanding their impact. 


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We serve a variety of nonprofit and education organizations, including: 

From colleges and universities to tutoring services, education organizations support and inspire tomorrow’s leaders. We help education organizations improve resilience so they can continue uplifting others for years to come. 

  • Student retention and enrollment  
  • Cybersecurity risk mitigation 

  • Technology enablement 

  • Revenue diversification 

  • Regulatory compliance 

Health and human services (HHS) organizations are critical to the wellbeing of their communities. We help HHS organizations navigate complex challenges and opportunities so they can continue delivering on their mission. 

  • Program management efficiency 
  • Fundraising  

  • Federal funding compliance 

  • Talent retention and compensation  

  • Partnerships and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) 

Grantmakers are pivotal to the success of many nonprofits. Grantmaker funding helps spearhead lifesaving research, champion the underserved and build resilient communities. We help grantmakers adapt to evolving grantee needs and overcome emergent challenges so they can expand their impact. 

  • Grantmaking strategies 
  • Impact measurement 

  • Adapting to grantee needs 

  • Investment portfolio diversification and mission alignment 

  • Grantee capacity building 

INGOs are uniquely positioned to solve some of the world’s most urgent humanitarian crises. They also have unique challenges of their own. We help INGOs navigate evolving issues and opportunities so they can remain resilient and continue making a difference. 

  • Inter- and cross-country compliance 
  • Digital transformation and cybersecurity 

  • Complex funding and donor compliance 

  • Forensic support and remediation 

Public charities play an integral role in society. Collectively, the resources and services they provide enrich millions of people’s lives. We help public charities navigate evolving challenges, risks and opportunities so they can continue their essential work.

  • Navigating compliance requirements 
  • Donor engagement  

  • Indirect cost coverage assessment 

  • Impact communication 

  • Board development 

BDO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM 

Nonprofit organizations solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and contribute to some of the greatest innovations. Our goal: to help them, so they are not embarking on this journey alone.  

The BDO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM helps support nonprofit leaders no matter their organization’s mission.  

Established in 2001, the Institute collaborates with BDO offices around the country and the BDO International network to help develop innovative accounting and operational strategies for nonprofit clients. The Institute offers practical, transformative thought leadership and educational resources to assist nonprofit leaders as they navigate an evolving landscape — from changing regulations to economic uncertainty. Through BDO insights, tools, webinars and newsletters, the Institute provides actionable information organizations can leverage to chart the path forward. 

Become a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP)

A nationally recognized certification program, CNAP teaches critical skills and best practices specific to nonprofit financial management. A CNAP designation certifies the expertise and commitment of nonprofit financial managers and accounting professionals and is available online and in-person throughout the year.


Nonprofit Standard Blog

BDO’s Nonprofit Standard blog provides the nonprofit community with up-to-date information and forward-looking thought leadership on the industry’s critical issues. Our contributors understand the challenges facing nonprofit organizations, and combine their extensive experience serving clients with industry leadership to address the nuances of nonprofit financial and operations management, governance and sustainability. 

BDO Knows Single Audits

Whether it’s your first time preparing for a Single Audit or you’ve had extensive experience, the process can appear overwhelming and confusing. BDO has dedicated resources and decades of experience with this process. As a trusted partner, we will work with you to ensure your Single Audit goes off without a hitch. As a trusted partner, we will work with you to ensure your Single Audit goes off without a hitch.  

Experienced professionals preparing a single audit

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