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The idea of a global workforce has taken on new meaning with the rise in remote work, creating unique challenges for global employers. Businesses are striving to meet employees’ and executives’ desire for more flexibility in where and how they work and to align workforce strategy with that of the organization. The opportunities abundant in an international marketplace go hand in hand with the challenges of managing a global workforce: attracting and retaining key talent, incentivizing executives and employees, optimizing strategies for business transactions and complying with complex and evolving global tax requirements. 

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The Global Employer Services team at BDO works with boards and business leaders in all corporate functions to address these challenges. Whether your business is currently operating around the world or just starting to expand overseas, we help ensure that employee reward programs are designed, implemented and operated in ways that provide an effective management tool for achieving company goals, while also being cost-effective and fully compliant with applicable rules and regulations.

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